My name is Graciela Gomez (She/Her/Hers).

I am currently a Junior within the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas working towards a B.S. in Strategic Communications with a minor in Environmental Studies.

While at KU, I’ve gained several applicable skills due to jumping around and changing my major quite a bit. For behavioral skills I recognize the importance of attentiveness with both clients and within the work force, prioritizing tasks based on the circumstances, and how to effectively work with others so as to maximize results both quickly and effectively.

I’ve also been able to use those skills throughout various retail jobs, which includes my acquisition of becoming a Peer Advisor for the Undergraduate Advising Center at KU. Through being a PA, I have been able to build up my professional and communication skills in preparation for other opportunities in the future. I have enhanced my strengths and honed in on my weaknesses, particularly with flexibility/adaptivity with various situations based on individual reactions.

After graduating, I plan on attending law school to study Environmental Law. That being said, I am able to recognize the many skills that being a Strategic Communications major will give me in preparation for this future.

Due to the background of having to be an effective communicator by objective and task handling through promoting on various platforms to maximize results, I aim to bring certain issues to light while making them personable and scientifically accurate in order to acknowledge why they are important and how people can become active in the discussion.